New Years Resolutions

This time of year, most people seem to try their hand at one, or one hundred, New Years resolutions.  It’s a fine tradition, even though arguably most tend to fail.  I think there are two ways the world can be for any given person:  the way they know it to be, and the way they feel it to be.  Sometimes they line up, often they don’t.  Therefore, I have two Resolutions lists this year.

Here is my “I am clearly a crazy person” resolutions list, no obligation to actually read the whole thing:

  • Finish the art for the Tall Grass tarot deck (currently completed: 6/78)
  • Make a children’s book with my sister (at least one!)
  • >insert too many other art projects I really want to work on<
  • Revamp my website
  • Flesh out my Etsy store and be more proactive about it in general
  • Write a blog post every other week
  • Do taxes early
  • More margin between projects
  • One day completely off every week (no email, no working on already established art projects, etc.)
  • No work after 6 (except days when the weather makes me want to go outside after lunch and be home by 6... then those time blocks can switch)
  • Utilize/check social media only twice a day max, once in the morning, once in the evening
  • No phone on the table during meals, on the table when with friends, or used to pass tiny amounts of time such as waiting in line for coffee
  • No screens one hour before bed (except occasional night showings of movies)
  • No screens one hour after waking
  • Keep my wake-up time but ween off of my alarm clock
  • Drink alcohol a little less
  • Keep getting rid of stuff (in particular, sell the pile of stuff I’ve been half-assedly trying to sell)
  • Go to bed with dishes in the sink more rarely
  • Go running, climbing, swimming, biking, to a yoga class, or on a long hike at least 5 days a week
  • Drink way more water
  • Get my truck in awesome shape
  • Travel a lot in the U.S., and maybe get out of the country
  • Read at least 25 books
  • Camp at least twice a month
  • Start doing tarot readings for people
  • Generally be outside as much as I can
  • Spend less money at coffee shops
  • Take myself to more movies
  • Continue doing my best working for Dribbble
  • Continue fulfilling client work and commissions

...aaaaand it all boils down to my overall, meta-resolution list:

  • Be present.

I know, I know.  It sounds cheesy.  It’s also impossible to accomplish every moment.  But I know, from experience, that the more often I am present and simply aware of my body, breath, senses, and surroundings, the more I make the sorts of decisions with my time and energy that aid either directly or indirectly to accomplishing everything I could imagine putting on a list.