Happy 2017

Today is my favorite holiday of the year.

But I don’t have much writing energy because as you may have gotten sick of hearing about on Instagram, three days ago I got knocked on my ass by the flu. I haven’t been sick outside of drinking too much, urethra complications, or allergies in what must be pushing ten years now.

I woke up this morning, New Year’s Day, as though emerging from a fog.

It’s fitting, right? After the symbolic death of illness, to emerge healthy, grateful, renewed? 

Copyright Hallie Rose Taylor 2016

Copyright Hallie Rose Taylor 2016

I had the energy to cut up an apple for myself in the dark hours of the morning, and I felt like the hulk.

I had the attention to notice a stray hair draped on the kitchen counter and removed it, and I was just so impressed with my brain and hand-eye coordination.

I ate a small amount of potatoes in a form other than boiled, and it felt like Thanksgiving instead of New Years.

On the way to get a glass of water I raised my arms in the air and spread my fingers and it felt like I was dancing. 

Though I didn’t have as much time to meditate on any resolutions, I’ve been doing some reflection. I’ve been observing what’s here on the other side of illness, the other side of the year, and the other side of a pretty significant page that I’ve now turned by moving away from Austin.

Across the board I'm finding one thing after another to be so damn grateful, and excited for. 

Thank you body. Thank you nature. Thank you loved ones. Thank you, me, for listening and going. Thank you people of the world working to become their best selves and to help others do the same in whichever way they can.

This gratitude is a gift I will work to carry with me in 2017.

More when I’m well.

(I can tell you that writing regularly is near the top of my forth-coming resolutions list.)