A Threshold

I’ve been yearning to begin writing a blog associated with my illustration work for about three years now, and I’m only now, today, putting down the first words.

It’s appropriate, in a way, since a large part of what I want to talk about here has to do with the mental and emotional discipline associated with a creative endeavor, and running a one-man business.  

There was a lot I could say that kept me from writing.  At first I felt I needed a period of contemplation, of gathering, generating ideas for content.  Fair enough.  

Then I started giving way to distraction and struggling to find structure, which continues to be a struggle today.  

Then, last year, everything about my life changed, for good and for bad.  Solid structures crumbled and ancient ruins breathed anew.  In order to get back on my feet I knew I needed to sacrifice for a few months, working way more than a human should.  Suffer a lot to find more peace sooner.  There wasn’t any room during that period for extra.

Here I am, standing at the threshold at the other end of that tunnel.  All of the perceived roadblocks have shown themselves as illusory.  My clinging to the idea of it being perfect has finally given way to the realization that perfection is another word “haven't started.”  The light is a little blinding and I can’t see clearly yet, but I know the time of gathering, the time of wandering, and the time of darkness have all ebbed and now is the time for flow.  

This will be a place of exploration, sharing, teaching, admitting, and announcing.  Thank you for reading.

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