2015 Year in Review

The company I work for recently did a Year in Review, so  I got to thinking that it’d be appropriate for me to follow suit both as a sole proprietor and human.  If 2014 was a year of tearing literally everything to the ground, 2015 was a year of rebuilding.  Eventful to say the least, it was a clash of successes and bummers, so that is how I’ve chosen to organize this list.

2015 Successes

  • I lived alone for the first time, and love it.  
  • I acquired an amazing drafting desk.
  • I learned a lot about taxes (and I’m learning even more this year.)
  • I did a solid handful of fun projects for clients.
  • I got featured on She Explores, and even got to have a little store up for a while.  Definitely a big highlight for me.
  • I procured some really awesome trade in exchange for my work in areas like private yoga lessons, acupuncture, life coaching, and bike maintenance.  
  • I started studying tarot in July, began design on my own deck in August, and after several months felt I had a direction for the entire minor arcana (40 out of 78 cards.)  I completed 8 cards, with 12 more officially designed.
  • I took the most joyous trip to Marfa for a weekend with the most marvelous group of new friends.  It had to have been magic, because it was that great despite being 17 degrees at night and we were tent camping.
  • Even outside of that, I solidified a lot really lovely and important friendships.
  • I got back into rock climbing.
  • I got rid of a lot of stuff.
  • I kept some plants alive.
  • I read a lot of poetry, which I have had a hard time making time for in the past.  I also memorized my favorite Edna St. Vincent Millay poem.
  • I stopped going to therapy and felt good about it.
  • I massively improved my diet from where it was at the start of the year.  I’m closer to where I was a few years ago now.
  • I opened up my heart again.
  • I got my Etsy store up and running.  It’s not much yet, but it was very important for me to just put something up for sale, somewhere.
  • Last but not even near least, I got hired at Dribbble!

2015 Bummers

  • I only read 16 books!  I can’t believe it.
  • I didn’t keep a consistent blog schedule.  I really like writing this, so I hope to do better.  So far I’m not doing that much better this year either.
  • I did not learn as much about my truck as I’d hoped, though I did buy my own part to fix an exhaust leak.
  • On that note, I still haven’t found a shell for the back of my truck, which I pretty much require to travel since I don’t have an extended cab.
  • I traveled a few times to visit family, went to a wedding, and to a reunion, but I had almost zero travel time or resources to myself besides the Marfa weekend mentioned above.
  • I killed some plants.
  • I was hoping to find a place to sell a stack of oil paintings I’ve been sitting on for years, because I really don’t want to move them again.
  • I actually had some health problems beyond just catching a bug for a couple of days, which is pretty much a new experience for me.  I’m fine, don’t worry.
  • On that note I also I didn’t end up in a position to get a couple of [very] minor medical procedures that I now hope to do in 2016.
  • I was sort of hoping to get a dog this year, but I think that has 2016’s name all over it.  I could have made it happen if it was a top priority, but I believe it’s most important to wait until you’re really ready.

So far in 2016

why not?

  • I did some long-awaited truck repairs.
  • I returned to Enchanted Rock.  It’d been years.
  • I was commissioned to make my first wedding map (well, it’s almost done.)
  • I befriended a new neighbor.
  • I’m planning a little road trip in April.
  • I finally got some healthcare I’d been needing.
  • I’ve now saved more money than I’ve had saved in about 6 years.
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