Solicited Advice postcard


Solicited Advice postcard


Everyone wants to be heard, everyone has their struggles. So here’s the deal: you write to me, I spend some time with your message or question, and then create both a visual and written response in the form of a postcard which I mail to you via USPS.

It might be in a very practical, conversational format. It might be all or partly a poem.

The cover of the postcard will be an original, one of a kind painting or drawing.

If you add this item to your cart, you’ll be presented with a form in which to submit whatever is on your mind. You’ll also be asked how much of our interaction, if any, you’re open to having shared anonymously on my social media outlets or blog.

Everything about this item is unique to you and us.

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This will be shipped just like a regular postcard, with a stamp, in the mail. It is liable to get bent, have thumbprints on it, and other such markings of the world. Unlike buying a print or original from me, this is more experiential and less of a product.

Current wait-time: two weeks.